About me

About me

“Chase light and happy moments..”

An optimistic wedding and portrait photographer from Derbyshire. I take photography very seriously, it’s a passion that comes from the heart and if you’re open enough about it’s contagious too. I strive to capture fragments of life and happiness, genuine smiles and laughter.

My first camera was given to me by my parents at the age of 6 on a family holiday in Norfolk in the hope that it would keep me entertained enough to keep me out of trouble. Little did they realise that that camera sparked a passion inside me which would lead me into the world of professional photography. Coming from an artistic family I have always found great pleasure in expressing myself creatively and creating things that people can treasure forever. Perhaps it was destiny calling in the moment my parents handed me my first camera.

My pure passion for wedding photography has always motivated me to deliver timeless photographs that you will treasure forever. Waking up every day knowing that I have the privilege of being able to document your precious memories for you is such an incredible and powerful feeling and I feel extremely honored to do so.

Someone once said to me that you should never treat your clients like your friends and it’s something I have never agreed with or been able to stick with. I break this rule every single day with every single client. You’re not just a client to me, you’re a new friend adding to the chapters in my book of life. My approach allows me to get to know the little things that make you tick which is what makes your photographs so unique. It’s not about the clothes you wear or what colour hair you have. It’s who you are and the stories you have that makes a good photograph. The key is you.

I have always been passionate about hearing peoples stories and give back to the world. In 2015 as part of my Masters Degree show I used my photography to raise awareness and funds for Mental Health and the secrets sufferers hold. It took a whole year to complete and raised £500 for MIND. During this time I learned so much not only about others but about myself too and the importance of getting to truly now those around you.