Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings

My first ever plane journey was at the age of 22 (yeah, I was a bit late to the party with this one). Although an absolutely terrifying experience the travel bug had well and truly bitten me and the bucket list which was once filled with UK places soon filled up with destinations all around the world.

I absolutely love to travel and having the chance to photograph your wedding whilst doing so is a huge plus. If I had £1 for every couple who was surprised when I tell them that I can travel to photograph their wedding as they didn’t think it was possible…well… I’d be a millionaire. The truth is I didn’t think it was a thing either until one wedding changed it all. It all started with a wedding in Mojacar, Spain. I was approached by a friend of mine who had been putting her wedding off constantly as she just couldn’t decide what she really wanted. After a year of planning, she decided that she wanted to take the plunge into having her wedding abroad in the little town of Mojacar where she lived as a teenager. She had followed my work for years and was desperate for me to be her wedding photographer and begged me to fly over there with the wedding party to cover her big day. I flew all the way out there to cover the wedding which took place over a few days and absolutely loved it.

Since then I have started an ever-growing bucket list of destinations that I would love to shoot a wedding at. I not only fly out to cover your wedding in full, I’m also your personal photographer available to capture the build-up to the big day. Whether it be a romantic walk along the beach, a shopping trip in a local market town or a boat trip among the islands. I can be there in the background capturing and enjoying it all with you.

Destination weddings

  • As long as you want me for
  • Couples photo shoot on location
  • Full wedding day covered
  • Extra events on separate days
  • Locations all over the world covered

The Bucket List


So here it is...the "Bucket List" that keeps getting longer and longer. If you're planning your big day in any of these locations then I would absolutely love to hear from you and would love you forever and ever if you allowed me to tick your location off of my list.

Have a destination that isn't on the list but is equally as awesome? I'd love to hear all about it and add it to my list. Lets Chat

UK Destinations

  • Gretna Green
  • Cornwall
  • Lake District
  • Scottish Highlands

Abroad Destinations

  • Ireland
  • New York
  • Tuscany
  • Venice
  • Greece
  • Barcelona
  • Iceland
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Dominican Republic
  • France

Have a destination that isn't on the list but is equally as awesome?