Things To Ask Me


As most people know, I am one of those people that is always happy to help in any way that I can and always try to make myself available to do so.

Weddings although exciting can be a very daunting thing to organise. It is something that you have never done before so it is understandable if you haven’t a clue where to start especially in terms of sourcing your photographer. So give a little helping hand I have put together a list of questions I have been asked many times in the past which I have thought to be very useful questions in regards to planning. I highly encourage you to ask your wedding photographer similar questions and have also included my very own answers.


// Do you photograph weddings full time?
I do indeed. I went full time with weddings back in 2014 after working on a freelance basis for 6 years whilst studying.
Each day is spent answering all of your emails, editing, marketing and liaising with clients. Every waking hour I devote my time to the care and attention of each client in order to ensure that their wedding day is absolutely perfect. This means I work exclusively with every single one of my couples. If you would like to know more about my personal approach to weddings have a read here.

// Are you trained in photography?
Yep. I have both a diploma and a Masters Degree in photography.
Combined I have studied photography for over 6 years. Whilst studying I also worked within local photography studios and assisted local photographers in order to gain industry experience and knowledge

// Do you work outside of Derbyshire?
Derbyshire will always be my home but that doesn’t mean I will not work elsewhere. With my love for travelling and exploring new places I am more than happy to work all over the UK and abroad too. You can find out more about my love for Destination weddings here.

// Do you work alone?
The majority of weddings I will photograph alone, however I do offer the option of a second photographer for your big day and encourage couples to do so if they wish to have a different perspective to the day caught.

// Do I really need a second photographer?
As mentioned above having a second photographer means that you have everything covered from a different angle and perspective throughout the day. It also means that 2 things can be photographed at once, relieving stress on tight schedules. For example, while one photographer is doing group photos, the other photographer could be taking detail photos of your tables once setup. Having a second photographer also means that there are even more unique photographs delivered to you.

// Do you have insurance?
I am fully insured and policy documents are available on demand.

// Do you carry backup equipment?
I always carry backup gear and it is an essential part of my kit. On your wedding day I will bring 2 cameras and a large selection of lenses as well as backup lighting and memory cards .

// What if it rains?
In the event of the great British weather turning against us I am always armed and ready with umbrellas, wellies, blankets, pocket warmers and a few photographers tricks like sandwich bags to cover yourselves and my camera and flashes with. Although I always have these backup plans it is always wise to have a good look at your venue and have a think if there is anywhere inside to take photographs if the weather is just too bad to even attempt to go outside.

// What happens if you're ill and can't cover my wedding?
This is always going to be a worry….BUT it would have to be something incredibly serious for me to miss your big day. Through hell and high water I will always turn up to your wedding day. If the worst does happen my first port of call will always be my associate photographers. In the event that they are booked then I am part of a nationwide network of likeminded photographers who use each other for back up in case of emergency. If an additional cost is incurred I will cover this out of my own pocket.

// Do you do specific photo requests?
I always encourage you to share your ideas. I won’t copy an idea directly but I will take ideas onboard and interpret it in my own unique way.

// How do you calculate your fees?
All of my pricing is worked out on how many hours I put into each wedding. What many people don’t see is that almost 80-100 hours is dedicated to each couples wedding and engagement shoot. A tiny portion of which is actually the wedding day itself. The most time consuming element to a wedding is the editing and retouching. I work exclusively with each client and designate their very own edit slot within my diary. Generally this takes between 14 and 21 days but can take a little longer during peak wedding season. I also don't have a time limit on how long your engagement shoot can be. Previously some clients have been 1 hour, and some longer with about 10 hours or more. I never have the pressure of time limits or restrictions as I believe art can not be rushed and friendships blossom through spending time getting to know each other. The more time that I spend with you the easier you will feel in front of the camera and show your true self. Other hours for each wedding are general administration and accounting for each couple.

// Can we meet you before booking?
I always try to insist on meeting before you book. To me wedding photography isn’t just about the photographs it is also about the personal connection between me and you. You need to know that that connection is a positive one as if it isn’t it will clearly show within your photographs. I am an avid tea drinker so always happy to grab a brew in a local coffee shop here in Buxton or often meet clients somewhere in Sheffield.

// How do we book and how much is the deposit?
My deposit is £250. This is non-refundable and will be deducted from the remaining fee. This cost covers my administration costs and holds your date within my diary. I cannot hold any date without a deposit or a signed contract under any circumstances. Every package has the same deposit.

// When will we have to pay?
The balance will need to be paid in full 2 months before the wedding.

// What will you wear on our big day?
I do not have a uniform. This being said it does not mean that I am about to turn up in tracksuit bottoms and trainers to your wedding. I will always dress in a stylish and non intrusive manner that reflects my brand and personality.

// Are our photos backed up after the wedding?
On the evening of each wedding all your photographs are uploaded onto my computer and backup hard drive. They are then doubled backed up onto my studio and offsite hard drives. This means your photographs are covered in case of fire, act of god, or if my computers are ever stolen.

// How long will it take you to deliver our photos?
I always try to deliver your photographs within a 14-21 day period, however this can sometimes be a bit longer during wedding season. During peak season (May until November) it can take up to 2 months to deliver your photos, but in off peak season (November until May) it can be as quick as 14 days. Rest assured I will always keep you updated so that you know exactly when you will receive your final photos.

// Can we print our photos from the usb/cd?
I always give full permission for you to print your own photographs and in the event that a printing lab ask for proof of rights I can supply you with the relevant letter. Your USB/CD contains to copies of your wedding photographs. One set that is “Print Ready” that can be printed up to A3 in Size and one set that is “Web Ready” resized for Facebook. If you wish to print any bigger than A3 simply contact me with the size you require and I will resize your chosen image for you. I also offer luxury albums and prints if  you were wanting to treat yourself to something special. You can find out more about these here.

// Do you cover weddings abroad?
I absolutely love to travel and have fallen in love with destination weddings since photographing a wedding in the south of Spain in 2016. Due to the nature of destination weddings quotes are personalised and include travel and accommodation expenses. Generally you receive a package that is a couple of days to a week long. This means I am yours to do as you wish, there to cover any events on the run up to the wedding day, any excursions you have, conduct a couples shoot with you and I even offer family shoots with your guests. You can find out more here.


engagement/pre-shoot questions


// When can we book our engagement shoot?
You can book in for your Engagement/Pre-shoot at any point in the process. Every January I contact all my couples for that year who have an Engagement shoot in their package to see when you would like to book. 

// Where can we have our engagement shoot?
Most people tend to have their sessions at the venue of their wedding. This doesn't mean that you have to do the same. We can go absolutely anywhere you like. For locations outside of Derbyshire a fuel charge of 50p per mile will be incurred – but if you give us a cheeky lift there is no charge!

// Can we bring our pets?
If you haven't already guest from my about me page... I absolutely love dogs. Pets are always welcome on on engagement shoots providing I can sneak a few cuddles. I do however give a little advice beforehand. While it is a lovely chance to get some beautiful photos of your fur babies – from experience even the most well behaved pets can get in the way or distract you during the shoot. This isn’t a problem but I always say to have a good think about what you want to get from the shoot.  Is the shoot about you or your pet? Think wisely!

// How long will it take to deliver the photos?
Depending on the time of year usually between 1-2 weeks of the shoot.